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These waysides and the monuments featured were paid for and designed by the Camp Curtin Historical Society / CWRT to help tell the story of the Gettysburg Campaign and bring tourism to this area. We have brochures mapping out where each wayside is and books to help you

further learn what happened.

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Samuel Albright House
Samuel Albright House
Sunday, June 28 and Monday, June 29,1863
Lemoyne - Bridgeport Heights
The Skirmish of Oyster's Point
The Skirmish of Oyster's Point
Sunday, June 28 and Monday, June 29, 1863
Sporting Hill
Sporting Hill
Sunday, June 28, 1863
Sporting Hill
Sporting Hill
Tuesday, June 30, 1863
White Hall School
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PCN's Battlefield Pennsylvania


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"Battlefield Pennsylvania:

Skirmish at Sporting Hill"
The DVD feature local historian, Civil War and More store owner and co-author of "Civil War Harrisburg: A Guide to Capital Area Sites, Incidents and Personalities", James E. Schmick


Local historian and author of

"The Confederate Approach on Harrisburg:

The Gettysburg Campaign's Northernmost Reaches", Cooper Wingert.


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